Wk 9 – Art Experience – Art Care Package

whatsapp-image-2016-10-24-at-08-27-49My Art Care Package is going to one of my best friends in Hamburg who is going to visit me at the end of december. I sent her some drawings of the projects i’m doing for my furniture class, a CD from the supporting Act of a Devendra Banhard Concert I visited some weeks ago,  a funny little guidebook for america that i read on my flight to L.A. a postcard designed by carly lake (from my artist conversation wk4) and of course a letter.
I can’t remember ever sending a package like that – even though I’m sometimes writing actual postcards and letters. Having these kind of personal things with it makes it somehow a lot more exiting.

I’m not really using snapchat nor do i know much about it (I feel old writing this) but from what i’ve heared it’s pretty much the difference of a physical message since it really only last for some moments – while the things I sent in the package have a  materialized message that you can keep – either for memories or even a practicle use


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