This Project is not directly class related – but it’s where I spent most of my time and afford during the last two weeks and now I would like to share it.
It is a twine-game where you should ‚help‘ Donald  Trump during an interview by prompting him the answers through an ear-plug.



The Game was developed by Mia Woelm, David Axt and Me at the class of Prof. Adam More FEA 365 Introduction to Game Writing and Design


Wk 10 – Twine Game – Make Trump great again…

4 Gedanken zu “Wk 10 – Twine Game – Make Trump great again…

  1. Great Janis! We should have a Twine EC Activity! 😀

    I don’t see a Fiber Art Social Net post from you… and your Artist Conversation is kind of skimpy… I’ll give you some EC for the Twine Project and add those points to give you full points for this week.

    Gefällt mir

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