Wk14 – Classmate Conversation – Shalane Holm

This Wednesday I met Shalane Holm who is a Studio Art major and in her fourth year at CSULB.


As we were discussin what the College Experience will be like for a student in 2036, we came to some interesting ideas. First, we considered if the future college Experience will progress after all – regarding some recent politicle events- but since it’s more fun to imagine an utopia, we thought of ways to improve the current situation. One of the ideas was that new Virtual-Reality technique could improve the way we learn in many different ways. It could be used for virtual classrooms where you can choose your teacher and topic independently of your real location. Also It could be used to experience scientifics historical events at first hand. Games like minecraft already have education licenses to be used in class – its very possible that this trend of ingame-learning will go on.

Shalane also mentioned how bad the current parking situation is at the campus – maybe there will be a solution for that in 20 years. There might be big underground parking lots or maybe cars are a thing of the past by then and you can easily use public transportation from wherever you come from

Last – it is well possible that the american education system will develop towards the scandinavian models which are often praised to be more effective and also less expensive for the state.

I sincerely hope that there WILL be a progress in education want thank Shalane for the very nice talk!

Shalanes Blog: https://shalaneholm.wordpress.com/



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